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Photographer Swaps Sexist Gender Roles On Vintage Advertisements

Sexual orientation is excepted part of lives and we don’t tend to challenge this notion. The picture of an ideal lady in the 1950s is well-known to every one of us – a persevering wife, slaving around the house throughout the day, getting ready scrumptious suppers for her dedicated husband, dealing with the youngsters, and all that with a grin, obviously.

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This picture was mirrored a great deal in the advertisements of that period as well. Roused by them, picture taker and video manager from Beirut, Lebanon, Eli Rezkallah made an arrangement called “In A Parallel Universe” where he exchanged up against the sexual orientation parts depicted in those promotions to uncover the craziness of such generalizations with humor.

Look down to see these entertaining amusements of outdated promotions for yourself!

Source: Eli Rezkallah

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Photographer Swaps Sexist Gender Roles On Vintage Advertisements

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