13 Photos Revealing The Lies We Show On Social Media – Instagram Vs Reality

Social media is a showoff, isn’t it? Perfection is a myth and social media fools us into it. People are better on social media than in reality. Everything looks so perfect.

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But the reality, behind the scenes, is pretty much different. It takes a lot of effort to click that social media-worthy picture. Here are some 42 pictures that reveal the lies behind your Instagram pictures.

The happy couple

Instagram VS Reality

Just chilling in winters

Instagram VS Reality

Hard work

Instagram VS Reality

Angle is important

Instagram VS Reality

Makeup tutorials

Instagram VS Reality e

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Lazy Sundays

Instagram VS Reality

I believed the adverts

Instagram VS Reality

That’s me

Instagram VS Reality

She looks hot in both though

Instagram VS Reality

Get abs in 2 weeks

Instagram VS Reality

Want beautiful hair?

Instagram VS Reality

The perfect shade

Instagram VS Reality

Fitness is my hobby

Instagram VS Reality

Now as you are aware of all the lies behind the perfect social media, stay cool and don’t let this social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat fool you. Don’t stay anxious, don’t get into depression. No one is ahead of you, you are doing good in your life.

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