Ugandan Woman Sings ‘Phul Butte Sari’ And Nepalese Worldwide Can’t Love It Enough

‘Phul Butte Sari’ has been gaining a lot of admiration with different versions released on Youtube. There are so many versions of Phul Butte Sari now that you are getting sick of it. But, this new version of Phul Butte Sari would definitely warm your heart. Recently, a video of an African girl singing the popular Nepali song, Phul Butte Sari, has gone viral.

Music has no language. Good music is appreciated all over the world. An African woman covering a Nepali song definitely shows that the Nepali music industry has improved in the recent past. Ugandan singer De Captain Beyonce Famacy has brilliantly covered the song Phul Butte Sari. 

The video, which was uploaded by dika entertainment, has already gained over 1 million views. In the video, Beyonce starts off by dedicating it to the beautiful people worldwide, especially Nepali people. She also says that she loves Nepal and Nepali people before starting the song.

Despite being a foreigner, Beyonce was amazed by her beautiful vocals and flawless pronunciation.