People In Piplantri Village Plants 111 Trees Each Time A Girl In Born

In a country where male children are still favored over females, Piplantri village in Rajasthan offers a refreshing and modern perspective. The endearing village embraces its daughters and has even created a tradition that benefits both the local people and the planet every time a girl is born.

To save its daughters and create a greener planet, the community of Piplantri village plants 111 trees every time a girl comes into the world. This brilliant exercise in eco-feminism no doubt will inspire the rest of India and the entire world.

The reason behind this tradition? To ensure that an increase in the human population will never come at a cost to the environment. It’s an eco-friendly tradition that is literally helping to ensure a greener future with each new generation – how brilliant!

As a female child is born, the village gathers to plant 111 trees.


Village residents collect 21,000 Rupees between themselves and 10,000 Rupees from the girl’s parents. The total sum of 31,000 Rupees (equivalent to $497.51 USD) is made into a 20-year fixed deposit for the girl.


Parents are legally bound by a signed affidavit stating that their daughter will receive a proper education. The affidavit also mandates that the girl should be married only after she reaches the legal age, and the trees planted after her birth must be correctly looked after.


The community works together to ensure the trees survive, attaining fruition as the girl blossoms into womanhood.


The villagers don’t just plant the trees – they care for them diligently as well. The trees are protected from termites and have aloe vera planted around them.


And the trees – especially the aloe vera plants – are now a source of livelihood for several residents.


Shyam Sundar Paliwal, the village’s former leader, first suggested this tradition in honor of his daughter who passed away at a young age. In the past 6 years, over a quarter of a million trees have been planted.


And villagers claim there has not been any police case here for the last 7-8 years.


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