Popular Plus-Size Models In Their Real Life ‘Without’ Photoshop Magic

People should love their bodies as they are. If a woman enjoys her curvy shapes, she shouldn’t listen to the others and go on a diet. She should admire herself. However, not everybody supports a similar lifestyle. Some people believe that healthy eating habits and a constant workout are everything you need for a happy life.

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We will leave this topic for you to discuss in the comments and proceed with another adorable theme. A concept “model” doesn’t always mean ideal body shape according to the standard. Moreover, even oversized models don’t mind using Photoshop tools to provide their bodies and face with additional stylishness.

Have you ever thought of seeing those cuties without retouching? We are sure you have repeatedly seen some of these plus-size girls in advertisements and wondered how they looked like in reality. These women are really popular among photographers and famous brands who want to get them to present their products. These bodies mean a lot to the multimillion companies.

Anastasia Kvitko

Tara Lynn

Iskra Lawrence

Tess Holliday

Ashley Graham

Riley Ticotin

Marquita Pring


These are the most famous plus-size models without any Photoshop upgrade. They are proud of their forms and aren’t eager to work towards the standard model parameters. The lush body doesn’t mean these girls don’t follow a healthy lifestyle. They take care of their bodies differently, not in the same way as others.

If some people are eager to get rid of the extra weight, these beauties have another goal: they need to maintain the body fluffy, but at the same time stay beautiful. Do you enjoy such a trend in the fashion industry? What do you think about the plus-size models? Tell us in the comments.