Being Poor Is Relative, Take Some Life Lesson From Abhishek Shiwakoti

What does it mean to be poor? What makes a person rich or poor? Is it just the money a person possesses? Or it the fortitude to struggle? The answer may not be as direct as you might think at first. Your lifestyle and your social status may all be just relative to another person. There is no straight answer to who’s poor and who’s not.

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One such benchmark to determine one’s wealth is whether the person is above or below the national poverty line. However, annual income doesn’t necessarily separate a person from poor or rich. It is simply a relative thing.

A Quora user came up with this easy yet not so straight question. We have compiled some of the answers the users have made on the comments. And users poured in their response and showed their lifestyle to the world. Users prompted with pictures of their living conditions. We have compiled some of them for you.

Abhishek Shiwakoti, who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal showed his living space without any prerequisite. He is surviving in a single studio-style room. He doesn’t have a TV or a computer in his room. He browses the internet from his sister’s phone. People say the internet is cheap nowadays, but not for Abhishek, who is using his neighbor’s internet anonymously.

His Nokia mobile set

His kitchen

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His bed

He is doing his Bachelors in Business Administration. Despite having to live a mediocre life, his favorite place in the room is his books.

He is pursuing his studies with the hope of having a much comfortable life in the future. He has even started his own business and is optimistic about things will turn around for the better.

His self-belief in things he is doing is an example for all of us. Positivism and optimistic are the driving force behind his pursuit of happiness. He has not given up on his studies due to his financial difficulties. He might be having a tough life but his determination has not deterred.

Usually, a person wants to hide his problems to themselves. But the gutsy attempt by Abhishek is exemplary. The struggle is the essence of life and we should not feel lesser as we all are capable enough. Having a positive attitude is all that matters in life.