16 Popular Personalities Who We All Know But Don’t Exist In Real Life

We admired so many celebrities including the one we take as an idol. Most of us admire them on another level. But what if I say that most of these famous personalities we see on television are not real. They don’t even exist in real life. They are just the work of fiction.

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Today we are going to name 15 such famous characters shown on television which is not even real.

Allegra Coleman

Famous writer Martha Sherrill created this fictional actress Allegra Coleman for the Magazine feature.

Jack Dawson

The story of Titanic was true but the character portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio was fictionally created by James Cameron.

Mavis Beacon

People who grew up in the 90s must be aware of this typing lady who taught us how to type. Well, the name was fictionally inspired by Mavis Staples, the singer, and the word beacon.


You must have heard about the YouTube vlog lonelygirl15 where they showcase the daily life of a teen named Bree. The character was played by actress Jessica Rose. It was a fictional show.

Hua Mulan

You must have seen this Disney’s character several times on television. Hua Mulan is a famous Chinese warrior and admired by most of the kids. It is next to impossible to believe that she didn’t exist for real. The creator of this famous character is Author Guo Maoqian.

Alan Smithee

If you have seen the name of a director as Alan Smithee in a movie then you need to know this that the name is fictional and used by directors when they want to keep their identity hidden.

Shudu Gram

This fictional Instagram model is very popular over the Internet. The man behind the creation of this character is Cameron James Wilson. He is a famous British photographer.

Taro Tsujimoto

The manager of professional hockey icy team Buffalo Sabres created a fictional hockey player named Taro Tsujimoto. People became obsessed with this character.

Juan Valdez

The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Columbia created a fictional character named Juan Valdez. The character was portrayed by three different artists since the year 1959.

Pierre Brassau

One of the journalists did this experiment where he exhibits the art done by an ape in a gallery. Most of the people praised the art and it was impossible to believe that painting was made by an ape.

Spinal Tap

The fictional heavy metal band created by 3 comedians for a sketch. The spinal tap is created for the ‘Rock and Roll Nightmare’ song for promotional purposes. Soon after that one of the documentaries also done on that.

George P. Burdell

William Edgar Smith created this fictional student George P. Burdell. However, it was created accidentally when he got two Georgia Tech enrolment form. But it became popular and there is also a store after that fictional character.

David Manning

David Manning is basically a fictional character for reviewing commercials and all. The only aim is to give good reviews.

Carolyn Keene

You must have read Nancy Drew stories written by Carolyn Keene but the shocking factor is there a no such person exists. It is basically a pseudonym for authors hired.

Kaycee Nicole Swenson

In the early 2000s, there was this one character to get viral on the internet because of her struggles with leukemia. Later it came to the attention that was the character created by Debbie.

Betty Crocker

The name was a fictional character to advertise household brands.

Can you believe all this character doesn’t even exist in reality? They are created just to keep us entertained? This is all we have for now. Let us know what you all think about it.