Pradeep Jha Should Make An Apology For His Comment On Widow’s Status In Nepal

Our attention was caught by one of the posts by Mr. Pradeep Jha. It translates as, ‘This time the auspicious occasion of ‘Bibaha Panchami’ was disrupted by the cursed widow ‘Bidhwa Bhandari’. The old sayings are correct; during auspicious events widows and cursed people should not participate. Here we can see one person with both the curses.’ The festival of Bibah Panchami is celebrated in the memory of wedding between Lord Rama and Sita in Janaki Temple, Janakpur.

A President is someone who should be viewed beyond gender, ethnicity and afar any political affiliation. People like him have the audacity to talk immoral about the Head of the Country because she is a woman and moreover she is a widow. Imagine the status of common women in Nepal with people full of such mentality.

If you think he should apologize to all the women he disrespected by his post, then please share, comment or tag him on your post so that any other Pradeep Jhas will think a thousand times before commenting anything against women in public forum.

This issue of discrimination against single women in Nepal is not a new thing. There has been numerous instances, backed by cultural justification that demotes the status of widow in our society. There is a serious lack of education towards a much worthy respect for single women.

‘यस्ता, पढेलेखेका भनिनेहरुको जमात’ बढ्नुभन्दा ‘अशिक्षित मानिएका तर आफ्नो सोच र दायरा फराकिलो’ हुनेहरुको थोरै सँख्या नै …

Posted by Amrita Lamsal on Thursday, December 17, 2015


Our attention was caught by one of the posts by Mr. Pradeep Jha. It translates as, ‘ This time the auspicious occasion…

Posted by WHR Nepal on Friday, December 18, 2015


When the first President of Nepal, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav performed the same ritual, no one pointed out that he is a widower and should not enter Janaki temple. But now when the President is a widow, why all this chaos?

Pradeep Jha is a Teacher at one of the Government School in  Janakpur, Nepal. His first duty is to teach children to respect and treat each other equally.  

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