Preity Zinta Sent Out A Sweet Message That You Just Can’t Adore Enough

The gorgeous Preity Zinta has tied the knot with Gene Goodenough after months of media speculation and her keeping private affair very much protected. She has spoken out for the very first time after her marriage and you can’t have enough of her endearing message.

The dimpled beauty has been in a relationship with Gene for a quite a while now and he has witnessed Preity’s controversies of her former boyfriend Ness Wadia. Preity Zinta has lodged a police complaint against Ness Wadia regarding this matter.

On Saturday night, Preity posted this message on her Facebook and Instagram page, “I was holding onto the ‘Miss Tag’ rather seriously till now, until I met someone ‘Goodenough’ to give it up for. So now I join the married club, folks. Thank you all for your good wishes and for all your love. Love you all.”

It’s really good to see the gorgeous dimple girl in a good mood after she has faced a bad phase in her personal as well as professional life. Her movie career has already dipped and her team in IPL was also not performing great, so it is nice to see something wonderful happening in her life.

Gene went to Esade Business and Law School in Spain for his MBA and after that, he went to USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles for one more Masters Degree. Presently he is attached with NLine Energy, a US-based hydroelectric power firm in the capacity of Senior VP, Finance.

Preity also took time out to thank all those who congratulated her on the beginning of a new phase of life, such as Kabir Bedi, AB Junior, and others.

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Preity Zinta Sent Out A Sweet Message That You Just Can’t Adore Enough

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