Restaurant Rewards Staff For Working Hard Amid Pandemic By Taking Them On Trip To Vegas!

When you think of a great workplace, you probably seek a kick-ass work environment and peers who encourage and appreciate you. Hence if such an office also gave you a glorious corporate retreat, it would seem like the job of your dreams! Well, this is precisely what happened to the staff of a US-based restaurant in Louisville. 

Having noticed that the staff had a gruelling time working through the pandemic, the restaurant’s owners decided to shut down the food station for a few days. Then, it was time to take the entire team for a vacation! The oriental eatery called Ramen House shared a post on its social media pages to let patrons know they’d be unavailable for a week.

“Our employees have worked so hard and diligently through all the crazy times we went through,” the post read.

Jonathan Ham, owner of the restaurant reportedly said, “I just don’t think it should be all about the money. For the most part, all of my people love working for this restaurant. They believe in it and they all have that accountability where they feel like it’s part of them and that’s what I wanted to instil and this is just a thank you gesture.”

Nearly 12 employees went on the trip that the owner paid for using his own finances. However, some employees couldn’t go, but they were given bonuses instead. Soon after their story went viral, a Vegas-based eatery invited them for a meal as a treat. Here they are at Manizza’s Pizza Parlor’s to relish an Italian treat.

What wonderful work culture they seem to have! Don’t you wish your office had such a LIT policy?