100 Random Pictures From History You Wouldn’t Believe Actually Had Happened

These completely random photos taken throughout history tell humanity’s story so far, through its best moments, its worst, and the moment in between. These moments would otherwise be forgotten if they weren’t photographed.

When you look at these, you can’t help but wonder what photos people will look back on one day to remember the 21st century.

A cowgirl in 1900.

A car show in London in 1970.

A family in Galicia when it was part of Poland in 1920.

“The Voluptuous Wanda” in 1953 at a street fair being held at the place Denfert Rocherreau, Paris, France.

Russian swimmers in 1954.

A family is watching TV with their pet puma on the floor in 1952.

Two sisters use the table to pretend one has been decapitated in 1920.

A taco vendor reads the paper at night in Tijuana, Mexico in 1964.

Tribesman in India before a hunt in 1906.

A baptism somewhere in China in 1922.

Cleaning the street in NYC, US in 1906.

Units line up before a military parade in Rome, Italy in 1920.

Children play hockey on a natural ice rink in Stockholm, Sweden in 1950.

Broadway showgirls in their outfits in NYC, US in 1926.

A dancer applies glitter to her body after covering herself in a golden cream before a show in LA, US in 1950.

A man known as a knocker wakes up his clients somewhere in England in 1924.

People riding in original go-karts in Paris, France in 1900.

An automobile accident somewhere in the US in 1919.

Young boys from the Fascist youth group Balila load rifles in Rome, Italy in 1930.

Native American Nez Perce cowboys near their Appaloosa, somewhere in the US in 1885.

A Japanese woman showing off how many hula hoops she can do at the same time somewhere in Japan in 1950.

A woman smiles as her baby is asleep strapped to her back in Nigeria in 1954.

Local women from Galicia, Poland (at the time), wash clothes in a local stream in 1920.

Irish citizens take a wounded British soldier back to safety during clashes in Dublin, Ireland in 1920.

A man joins some kids in a snowball fight in San Luis Obispo, CA, US in 1922.

Transporting a prisoner somewhere in the US using a mobile holding cell attached to a motorcycle in 1921.

Patricia O’Keefe, a 10 year old 64 pound bodybuilder gives her 200 pound father a piggyback ride at the beach in California, US in 1940.

A soldier in India in 1920.

Traffic stop in the District of Columbia, US in 1913.

A model shows how clear the Pontiac Ghost Car was during a viewing Detroit, Michigan, US in 1940.

The 1934 New York Football Giants starting 11.

Tourists admiring some boats in the canal in Nuremberg, Germany in 1904.

A boy selling bird whistles in Madrid, Spain in 1951.

A family stands in front of their modified car turned into an early camper as they drive around the US in 1924.

A Scandinavian Stewardess examines a new uniform proposal for Scandinavian Airlines in 1964. It was not approved.

Kids brushing their teeth at Franklin School in Chicago, USA in 1910. This was mandatory during the time.

A 14 year old boy holds up a motorcycle and rider somewhere in Germany in 1932.

Prostitutes in Australia in 1922.

A supermarket in the USSR in 1951.

People in traditional decorative masks and clothes in Shanghai, China in 1910.

Betty and Benny Fox performing off a building in Chicago, US in 1945.

A giant Ericsson robot in Mexico City, Mexico in 1933.

A 7 year old paper boy, or newsie, delivers the daily paper in Oklahoma City, US in 1917.

A flexible woman by a camera on a film set in 1938.

Children play in London, England in 1900. The two boys were playing the popular game of the time, hoop rolling.

The males of a family of Bhils in Northern India in 1882.

Models show off new beach attire in Vancouver, Canada in 1932.

A seal that wandered into a public park in Santiago de Chile, Chile in 1950.

High school students in 1965.

A child posing for the camera in Cairo, Egypt in 1942.

Model showing how to use a seat belt in 1958.

Prohibition agents disposing of beer in 1921.

Shepherds and their sheep in London in 1929.

The North Korea and South Korea border in 1960.

A store owner and his employees in London in 1956.

Smoke break during a tennis game in 1938.

Russian children in their school uniform in 1961.

Girl with her dolls in 1931.

South African miners in 1950.

A woman models Long John undergarments for women in Paris, France in 1901.

Photographer Cor Jarings picture which was created and designed to support the Provo Movement in Amsterdam in 1960.

Heavily polluted smog clouds the area near a bridge in Pittsburgh, US, in 1952.

Moving a house in San Francisco, USA in 1919.

A West African tribe sounding their horns in 1896.

A couple in England swap gender roles in 1901.

A police officer in NYC, US hangs off a building for a stunt.

A women hides her face but shows off her prosthetic leg somewhere in the US in 1890.

Women protest the new film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes outside the Chinese Theater in LA, US in 1953.

A mom uses a trash can to contain her baby while she crochets in the park somewhere in the US in 1969.

An experimental one-man machine gun tank in England in 1934.

A man walks his pet bear somewhere in Russia in 1960.

Nope, not fishing, but instead teaching children how to swim in Georgia, US, in 1931.

Doing tricks on a zebra for an event known as the Zebra Olympics in Tunisia in 1928.

Ladies play with toys called Diablos while men try to fix their car in England in 1908.

Women wearing weird head gear at Venice Beach, CA, US in 1933.

Child with the family pet pig in 1930.

4,500 Students in Tokyo, Japan take part in a calligraphy contest in 1970.

Gay club in Paris, France in 1934.

A radio broadcast show complete with scripts and sound effects in 1932.

Children dancing in the street in 1947.

King Christian in Copenhagen in 1940.

An incubator for newborn babies in 1952.

Boy playing with a toy pistol in 1950.

Showing a movie camera in 1920.

Women’s Liberation March in 1963.

A cop with a bunch of models in L.A. in 1923.

British and French football players share a kiss on the cheek before a match in France in 1920.

A man in a horse costume in Greece in 1961.

Kid playing on a coin operated spaceship at the American Toy Fair in 1953.

A ventriloquist and his dummy pose for a picture in England in 1877.

Chester E. MacDuffee and his patented diving suit in 1911.

A woman dressed up as a form of Bat girl in 1904, 57 years before the comic character existed.

Riding Skate Coasters down a street in San Francisco, USA in 1952.

A visitor puts his hand in a hippos mouth at the London Zoo in 1934.

Sipping cool water from a fountain in NYC, US in 1900.

Australian mug shots from 1924.

Couple in Washington DC on a two person bicycle in 1886.

Girls roller-skating in Berlin in 1940.

Taking a scooter for a ride in 1950.

Couple in China pose before their wedding in 1892. They just met moments prior.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if some of these things made a comeback in today’s world?