Rap Battle Of Bollywood Beauties Deepika Padukone And Katrina Kaif

Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif are two prominent actresses of Bollywood. They have gratified the pinnacles of success that aspiring actress dream of. The glamour and fame they are getting are huge. They may not be thinking about it in terms of competition, but there are some things that make them competitors of each other.

It is not about acting. Undeniably, Deepika acts way better than Katrina. It is about a lot many things happening outside of their life on screen. They want to take it out on each other. And they do it through a rap battle.

This video is about things Deepika and Katrina want to say to each other if they get face to face. From below average acting skills of Katrina to inability to speak Hindi, Deepika makes her vulnerable. In the same way, Katrina hits back with her my choice video and her tattoo.

The ego problems are inevitable between beauties when it comes to looks. That is the best part. When they get personal about their relationships, it gets dirty, offending and interesting to watch as Ranbir comes into the picture.

Watch this hilarious rap battle video by our friends at Shudh Desi Raps and get yourself entertained.