More Reasons Why Girls Are Considered More Emotional Fools Than Boys

Girls are always tagged as being the too emotional category. Sometimes to the level when they are called emotional fools. But as everything in the world has justified reasoning, so does girls for being too emotional.

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It is not that we love crying over nothing and thinking about crazy things just by ourselves. Here are a few reasons why:

We are too much in love and that provokes us to care a little extra. Guys also care but do not show. We just show the love we have. That’s it.


Sometimes we are not emotional, it’s just we are PMSing that makes us cry over simply nothing. Even we do not know that time why we are crying. Let alone explain to you.

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Because God thought sometimes, someone should put the word out there. And that is why he picked girls to do that job. Yes, we cry because we are hurt. So unlike guys, we do not go sit in the corner and get drunk. Instead, we pour our hearts out.


Sometimes it is truly genuine. You just do not realize it because men are so ego-centric that they will feel that those tears are always for simply no reason.


It is called emotional STABILITY and not emotional FOOLISHNESS. Women are known to be far more emotionally stable than men and take things in the right stride and have balanced reactions. Whereas men overreact in so many situations.


Men have always been taught and spoon-fed with the concept of keeping things to themselves. And hence, they need someone to blame upon for all the stress that even they are facing. So they armor themselves with this blame-game of emotional instability.


Balancing nature was God’s call. While they decided to make the woman more emotional, they also made them equally intellectual. And hence, women are simply the best of both worlds!

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