He Was A Renowned Mythological Serial Maker, Opposing Him His Great Granddaughter Is Famous For Going Nude!

They say history repeats itself! But the case we are going to present before you is against the motion. Remember renowned mythological serial maker Ramanand Sagar? He is most famous for making the Ramayan television series. This TV serial was then widely watched and liked across the country. It teaches the mankind holy and shrine values of life marking an indelible impression of the high ideals of heavenly culture to be imbibed for all mankind on this earth.

But his great-granddaughter is totally opposite to him. Yes, we are talking about the hottest bikini babe of the Internet whose bikini pictures have become the talk of the town. Sakshi Chopra is catching all the limelight with her semi-nude photos on the social media.

She often gets criticism for her photos and has been often slut-shamed. But Sakshi once gave a befitting reply to the haters saying:


“When a guy shows off her abs or body, everyone praises it, but when a girl shows off her fab figure she is called a slut.”

Her photos are extremely hot. She is a daughter of producer Meenakshi Sagar, trained from the Trinity School of London since she was 10 years and got her eight-year degree in western vocals. From the age of 17, she has been performing at many gigs in prominent Mumbai eateries. Her aim is to get western music vocalists an audience abroad.

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