16 Bollywood Movies With Revenge Stories That The Audiences Really Loved

Revenge stories always get a good response as it keeps the audiences connected till the end with some suspense. Although few films may have not performed to our expectations, there are some which thrilled us and was worth out money. Here is an exclusive list of such movies.


A man destroys the person who shattered his life as he lost his wife and son. He takes a whole journey of his life just to take revenge for his loss.


A woman takes revenge from her husband’s killer by keeping everyone in dark and pretending she was pregnant and helpless.

Hate Story

A journalist reveals a scam of a rich businessman and so he hires her to abuse and destroy her career. In return, she destroys him and makes him worthless.

When A Wife Has Doubt Her Husband Is Having Extra Marital Affairs


A man takes revenge for killing his girlfriend even after losing memory he sticks to his plan to kill the murderer.

Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 2

A man takes revenge of his father’s death who was killed in the first part of the movie.


Two filthy rich stepbrothers try to destroy each other to inherit the insurance money when they realize they have a common love interest.


A man becomes a gangster to take revenge for his father’s death.

Om Shanti Om

A junior artist loses his life for being in love with an actress and trying to save her life. In his next life, he recollects the tragedy that he faced in his past life when he sees a girl who looks exactly like the actress. He then decides to take revenge on the actress’s husband using her look alike.


Dalip Tahil destroys Shahrukh’s father and his business and eventually he loses his father. Shahrukh takes revenge by killing Dalip’s daughter and destroys Dalip’s business.


Anjaam is a story of an obsessed lover Shahrukh Khan who destroys flight attendant Madhuri Dixit because she ignores his proposal. The lover ends up killing her husband.


In Sholay, Sanjeev Kumar takes the help of Amitabh and Dharmendra to capture Amjad Khan for murdering his family.

Khoon Bhari Maang

Rekha being innocent gets married to a cruel man, Kiran Bedi who marries her for money and tries to kill her. Rekha transforms herself and takes revenge against his inhuman behavior.


Raj Kiran is killed by his wife Simi Garewal and is reborn as Monty Rishi Kapoor. He recollects the events in his past life and takes revenge.

Ek Villain

The man who has no interest in life meets a girl and falls in love with her. Since then his dream of living a normal life comes true bit the girl gets murdered and he seeks revenge.

Ek Haseena Thi

The girl turns revengeful and decides to take avenge everyone who wronged her including the man she loved.

Dhoom 3

A magician who is also good at acrobatics turns thief to take avenge on his father’s death and takes down a corrupt bank in Chicago.

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16 Bollywood Movies With Revenge Stories That The Audiences Really Loved

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