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Weird Rules That Wife Of Kim Jong Un Has To Follow At All Times

The supreme leader Kim Jong Un, the one who came to power when his father, the great Kim Jong II died in 2011. While the country is super secretive, a lot of information is hard to crack. The only information that comes out of the country is through the South Korean media.

Kim Jong Un had kept his wife hidden for a long time with a lot of strict rules. His wife is Ri Sol-Ju, a girl from China who married years ago and has three children.

There’s a rule that you cannot get married on February 16, which stands for the day Kim Jong II was born and April 15, the day when Kim Jong- II was born.

Everyone has to bring flowers, wear traditional attires, and offer prayers at their statues. Even Kim Jong Un is supposed to follow this one.

Represent her husband in the right manner

ri sol ju

Ri Sol- Ju has to represent her husband in a progressive and modern light. Which is why she dresses up in modernity and liberally while his sister is supposed to represent his traditional side.

Adopted a pseudonym

ri sol ju

It is quite common to adopt husband’s name after the wedding but if you are Ri Sol- Ju you have to even leave your birth name and adopt a new name.

Cannot meet her family

ri sol ju

Her lifestyle after the marriage has changed and it does not let her have leisurely escapes to meet her family.

Restrictive appearances

ri sol ju

Ri- Sol- Ju, the First Lady of North Korea, and her children have to lead a secret life while getting rid of speculations and rumors. And so is allowed to make special appearances and not every time.

Security protocols

ri sol ju

Every movement of Kim Jong’s wife is supervised under high security and she cannot be seen in any case. As her movement is very restricted it is impossible for her to have a social life.

Not allowed to visit mourning sites

ri sol ju

This is as bizarre as Kim Jong- Un, his rules are the opposite of everything everyone follows. While in countries, the First Lady is not allowed to visit the mourning sites, she has been spotted at the mourning sites and greeting her father in law and grandfather in law along with her husband.


ri sol ju

She was forced to give birth to her first kid right after marriage. She was also put under a lot of pressure when it comes to giving birth to a son to carry the legacy forward. It was reported that she was supposed to have a kid right after marriage.

Secret Past

ri sol ju

Her past relationships have not known just as her details about studies, college life, family, etc.

Not able to pursue her interest

ri sol ju

Ri Sol-Ju was a band performer, her CD’s and performances were burnt and deleted. He asked Ri Sol-Ju’s past band performances CD’s to be burnt to ashes.

Given up everything

ri sol ju

Giving up her career was evident enough that she has to also give up on her decisions, life, choices, and the likes.

Being North Korea’s First Lady isn’t as easy as it might look like her life is no more hers, with the strict rules she has to follow.

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Weird Rules That Wife Of Kim Jong Un Has To Follow At All Times

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