Home News Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Gets Uncovered In A Verona Vineyard

Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Gets Uncovered In A Verona Vineyard

If you’re looking for some positive news amidst the coronavirus pandemic, you’ve come to the right place. Just a few days ago, Italian archaeologists uncovered a perfectly preserved ancient Roman mosaic floor hidden underneath a vineyard in the Verona province of Italy, and some people are already claiming this could be the biggest discovery of 2020!

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It was historian Myko Clelland, that helped spread the news on Twitter. People were amazed by the photos of this discovery and the man’s tweet got nearly 500k likes and over 108k retweets in just a few days.

Historian Myko Clelland recently shared photos of the ancient Roman mosaic that was uncovered in Italy:

roman mosiac floor roman mosiac floor roman mosiac floor roman mosiac floor roman mosiac floor

People on Twitter were all praising for these pictures. What do you think of this amazing mosaic floor that was hidden for centuries?

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Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Gets Uncovered In A Verona Vineyard

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