Russian Kim Kardashian Caught On Camera Without Photoshop And They Are Unlike Her Instagram Posts

Russian model Anastasia Kvitko, who made the rounds across the internet for her likeliness to Kim Kardashian was caught on camera by paparazzi on one of the beaches in Miami. She is very active on Instagram with thousands of followers, to whom she shares her exclusive pictures.

She was eminently labelled as Russian Kim Kardashian by netizens. However, photographers caught Anastasia lying on the sand in a beige swimsuit. And, to the disappointment of her millions of subscribers, they are unusually different from those she puts on her Instagram.

The flabby abdomen of Kvitko is covered with tubercles, and cellulitis on the hips are noticeably visible, states Komsomolskaya Pravda. Fans of the model assumed that her figure “blurred” because of unsuccessful liposuction they concluded on MICCCP.


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