Sadhguru’s Spiritual Link To Nepal That Many Of Us Don’t Know About

Sadhguru is a mystic, yogi, and spiritual leader. Born in Southern India as Jaggu Vasudev in 1957, he is the founder of the Isha Foundation. Sadhguru often describes how the land of Nepal, nestled in the mighty Himalayas, was created as a living, tantric body by yogis and mystics.

Sadhguru wrote on his bestselling book ‘Inner Engineering’ about his dream as a young man, ‘There was a time when I traversed India on my motorcycle. My dream was to go around the world on my motorcycle.’

According to him, Nepal is a living, tantric body. The very psychology of civilization is still completely geared towards ultimate liberation.

As a young rider’s first attempt to enter Nepal, Sadhguru shares in his book, “I had even gone up to Nepal, but I had to return back because they asked me for my papers at the border checkpoint. I did not know I needed papers to leave the country’s borders. I did not have any papers except my motorcycle license. I thought my motorcycle could take me everywhere. I turned back and tried going another way, but they’re also at the border check post. They said no.”

Here we present how he is attached to Nepal starting from his young age when he was an avid traveler.

Sadhguru says that having visited Nepal every year for the past twelve years holds an intimate place in his heart.