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Types Of Bras That Are Safe And Harmful Which Every Women Should Know

Bras play a very important role in women’s life. These are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Since bras provide shape and support to the breast, it is very important to choose the right size bra for yourself.

However, you will be shocked to know that about 80% of women wear the wrong size as suggested by a 2008 survey. One should know that wearing the wrong size bra can be very harmful. Not only for support, bras these days are worn according to fashion and outfit. Hence, there should be no confusion regarding the perfect size, fit and other things while selecting a bra.

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In order to help you in selecting the right bra, here we have listed 5 Types of best bras that are completely safe to wear, and 3 types which you must avoid as they are harmful. So, without any further ado, let’s start!!

Full-Support Bras

These types of bras are perfect for daily wear. So, it’s one of the best regular bra suitable for fuller breasts. It provides extra support and enhances the natural shape of the breast. It is very comfortable as well.

Front-Open Bras

Front-open or Front-closure bras are a bit different than your regular bras. These have the opening at the front. So, if you’re bored with your daily bras then, you can try this one. These types of bras are extremely comfortable and are more gentle at the back.

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Sports Bras

Wearing the right bra while exercising is very important otherwise the breast movement can cause discomfort. So, always wear a sports bra while working out. These type of bras are specially designed for flexible breast movement and also provides enough support to the breast. The fabric of sports bras is also very soft and comfortable to wear. However, always have a second measurement because its size can vary from your regular bra.

Push-Up Bras

If you want to look extra fuller then, try a push-up bra. This type of bras comes with thick padding inside the cups that push your breast upwards and makes them look fuller and voluminous. These have a harmless underwire that presses firmly to the body. Push-up bras are great for wearing on special occasions.

Strapless Bras

These days off-shoulder dresses and tops are in so much trend. Strapless bras are the ones you should opt for wearing under off-shoulder clothing. This type of bra doesn’t have any strap and comes with an underwire that provides support to your breast. Also, the cups are padded from inside that gives perfect fitting. This type of bras is suitable for small to medium-sized breasts.

Synthetic Fabric Bras

While purchasing a bra, you should pay special attention to the type of fabric used in the bras. Don’t buy a bra that is 100% synthetic because this type of fabric can be harsh on your breast. Also, a 100% cotton bra is non-stretchable, so it will not allow comfortable breast movement. Therefore, always select a bra with mixed fabric.

Sticky Bras

Sticky Bras are very much in trend these days. These types of bras stick to your breast with the help of some glue present inside the cups. These are the worst type of bras for you. They stick to your skin giving it no space to breathe. Also, the chemicals in the glue are not supposed to adhere to your skin. This type of bra can result in rashes and itching. So, stay away from them.

Plastic Bras

Plastic bras are very harmful to you. They don’t allow your skin to breathe. Apart from this, these bras are very uncomfortable and make a crackling sound with every move you make. So, this can be really embarrassing sometimes.

Do yourself a favor. Get the things that don’t harm you or your skin because health is the best gift from God.

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Types Of Bras That Are Safe And Harmful Which Every Women Should Know

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