The Secret Meaning of Anklets And Why Some Wives Wear Them

Anklets — which are also called ankle chains, ankle bracelets, or ankle strings — have been worn by women throughout history. Aside from functioning as foot adornments, they also signify social status.

For most women, anklets are just plain accessories.

For most women, these are just plain accessories.

In ancient Egypt, women of all social classes wore them as ornaments. They were made of various metals. Naturally, the rich women had gold, while those who weren’t so wealthy wore silver or iron. Some accounts also claim that worshipers of a deity called Baal prescribed using anklets for prostitutes. This was so these unfortunate women were easily recognized.

These days Egyptian women in public no longer wear anklets, as Islamic conservatism has tagged the practice as “immodest.” However, they are still commonly worn by dancers in public events.

Dancers often wear the ones with little bells.

The ones with little bells are often worn by dancers.

On the other hand, in ancient Indian culture, anklets with charms dangling on them were worn mostly by married women. This way, family members would know she was coming by the sound of her anklet. This way, they would be sure to welcome her with respect. They wouldn’t be caught talking about inappropriate things. On the other hand, dancing girls supposedly wore anklets with small bells.

Then, in the 1970s, the women who were into the so-called “sexual revolution” were seen wearing anklets, too.

Perhaps, the mix of these cultural influences influenced the symbolism of the accessory at present.


Although many women these days may think of the anklet as just a mere trinket, it is a widely recognized symbol that a woman is married or committed yet available to other men for sexual activity with the husband’s consent and encouragement. When a married woman wears an anklet, it symbolizes that she is a “Hotwife” and open to relationships and sexual encounters with men other than her husband.

A married woman who wears an anklet is often called a “Hotwife.”


Hotwife stays committed to her husband but takes advantage of the agreed-upon freedom within her marriage to enjoy intimate encounters with other men. And the “hotwife anklet” is a discreet sign that she is available to date other men with her husband’s permission and approval.

For most people unaware of the lifestyle, an anklet is simply one with no other meaning. And that’s the tricky part; it’s hard to tell whether a woman wearing an anklet is a hotwife since some hotwife prefers to wear a simple anklet to keep their lifestyle a secret.

Certain charms and symbols make a “hotwife anklet” more obvious.

2 male symbols, 1 female symbol


Quite very obvious, isn’t it?


The Queen of Spades


Letter Q and Spade symbol, usually accompanied by a tattoo of the playing card symbol with the letter Q inside. It means a hotwife has a sexual preference for black men.



If the anklet contains heart symbols, the wife is committed to her husband but free to date other men and have relationships with mutual benefits.

The Key to His Happiness


When an anklet has a key charm, the husband is “locked,” and the wife holds the key to his happiness. He can’t have orgasms without his wife’s permission.

This is truly shocking.