November 30, 2020

10 Secrets About Air Travel That Flight Stewardess Will Never Tell You

Traveling on an airplane has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Air travel is considered comparatively the safest means of transportation. The perks of air travel are often to experience all the top-notch facilities that the airlines provide to its passengers.

In-flight services are not designed with the passengers’ comfort in mind. Although the airplane may look squeaky clean at first glance, it may not be hygienic. Here are the secrets that neither the airlines nor the stewardess will tell you:

Blankets are not cleaned

secrets about air travel

Blankets given to you during flights are not new and aren’t even washed after each flight. Only the passengers on the first flight of the day get clean blankets. All the other flights get used blanked, only folded to perfection.

Earphones are used

secrets about air travel

Just like the blankets, the earphone provided to you in-flight isn’t new. They give you used earphones from passengers that traveled before you.

Water is unhygienic

secrets about air travel

It is a good idea to avoid drinking water or tea or coffee as provided by airlines. The water they use in preparing these beverages is from tanks that they seldom use. Always ask for bottled to the stewardess water if you are thirsty.

Newbie pilots

secrets about air travel

Although this aspect is considered quite thoroughly by the airlines, they can’t help but have to put in a newbie pilot on-board, due to limited resources. Staff rotation policy, flight restrictions, and other things make it harder for airlines to have experienced pilots taking charge regularly.

Pilots have different meal

secrets about air travel

It’s not discrimination. It is done to avoid food poisoning to the pilots if anything is wrong with the food served to the passengers. Pilots get their separate meals to prevent them from getting sick.

Oxygen is very less

secrets about air travel

The oxygen mask has sufficient oxygen of up to fifteen minutes only. If you ever have to use it in an emergency, you ought to be very quick indeed.

Don’t buy items in-flight

secrets about air travel

One thing the flight steward never tell is that items sold in-flight can be found at a lower price elsewhere. You won’t be using the items purchased straightway, anyways. Therefore, it is always wiser to look for these things when you get off the flight.

Pilots sleep during flights

secrets about air travel

This one may come as a surprise to most of us, but the pilots are legally allowed to take a nap during the flight. This practice is commonplace during long-haul flights and not so much in shorter flights.

Flight attendants don’t turn off their phones

secrets about air travel

Turning off your gadgets has become a standard practice on a flight. But, the flight attendants themselves don’t turn off their cell phones. This is one secret about air travel no steward will ever tell you.

Always lock your belongings

secrets about air travel

We often think that check-in luggage is safe. But most flight attendants recommend locking your belongings with TSA approved locks if available for added protection.

Would you have believed these secrets? Share with us if you know more such secrets that happen during flights.

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