SEE Fever: The Ailment That Grips The Whole Nation Annually

“Those who have been through it, laugh at the memories; Those who are left, dread its arrival.”

The school-leaving board examinations are not a comfortable time period and certain Nepalese norms linked to them do not make it any better. The supposedly ‘Iron-Gate’ have been instigating uncertainties among the students for years now.  Some of which are cataloged below:

Hello to the unknown relatives

One cannot stop but doubt if all the relatives were playing hide and seek for the past years of your lives. The concealed souls materialize out of nowhere and are oh so keen to know every detail of your ‘SEE Life’ along with the attachment of their ‘not’ so welcome list of advice.

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Ban on basically everything

“Breathe-Eat-Study-Repeat.” That’s the literal mantra every SEE appearing student needs to follow. Mere talk about gadgets, going out with friends, or even a day off from mundane study routines showers the arrows of phrases that basically describe you as the most meritless person in the whole damn universe.

On the beam balance

Comparisons among cousins, neighbors, and friends is a ritual without which the Nepali society does not seem to enjoy anything. Moreover, parents even have the courage to compare their children with the toppers which are no less than a crime because God knows ‘Greed’ is a deadly sin, especially if it’s a non-attainable one.

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Divinity exists

Atheist, non-atheist: ‘No Difference’. Red, yellow tikas embellish our foreheads, and barter system with GOD regarding good grades is a mutual act performed in every SEE household. Guess the constant knock from over one- million students really annoys the deity too much that he decides on going for a vacation exactly during our result time.

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