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Crazy Thoughts Every Single Girl Has When Her Girlfriends Get Engaged

Everyone knows that feeling. You know the one: The one where you open your Facebook, scroll innocently through your feed, and come across that engagement photo of your kinda-sorta best girlfriend.

And if we’re being real here, it’s not all ‘I am so happy for you’ statements and cheery bridal showers. Seeing your old-school bestie — yeah, the one who once drunkenly peed on the floor of the bar — getting engaged really makes us think, how the f*ck did this happen?

Will you make the cut as a bridesmaid? Is there such a thing as true love anymore? Will you be the last girl on the planet to ever score a rock? Are you there, God?

Put back the Pinterest board. We’ve been there. Here are the stages every girl goes through when her friend gets engaged.

Have you had such thoughts on your best friend’s wedding?

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Crazy Thoughts Every Single Girl Has When Her Girlfriends Get Engaged

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