September 19, 2020

9 Sitting Styles That Tells More About Your Personality Than You Thought

Many of us spend the majority of our lives sitting. On the chair, if we are working or on the couch, if we are enjoying television. The way we sit differs from one another. Do you most often sit cross-legged? Or what if you always cross your ankles? How about those who prefer sitting on the floor?

We are all individuals and have our personalities. Every one of us has a unique way of talking, sitting, and the ways we meet people. Do you know that the way we sit tells a lot more about our personality than we could imagine? Have you ever wondered why your sitting style changes as per your mood? Well, there is the rationale behind why we sit the way we do.

So, let’s see which is your sitting style:

1. You are insecure

sitting crossed legged

You cross your legs while sitting. This style shows that you are insecure. It’s not like you are an insecure person but it means that at some time when you feel insecure you cross your leg while sitting.

2. You are confident

sitting erect

When you sit straight it shows that you are a very confident person and not everyone can beat you in terms of challenges. So, if you sit straight then you are a confident person as well as your impression is also good as well.

3. You are secure

sitting crossing ankles

When you sit crossing your ankles then it means you are very funny by nature and you also feel secure at that point. So, if you know some people who sit like this that means they are friendly in nature and will always be there to help you.

4. You are close-minded

sitting hand on lap

If you sit like this as shown in the image then you are a close-minded person. Studies say that when you sit keeping your hands on your lap then you are a type of person whose identity is somehow different from others. People think twice before talking to you.

5. You are flirtatious

sitting knees to the side

You are flirtatious when you sit with your knees splayed out to the sides. It means that you indicate the sexual interest by your comments and actions and have a playful nature.

6. You are insecure

sitting crossing your wrists

If you cross your wrist while sitting then you feel very insecure in talking to people and also in the crowd. It means you have a lack of confidence.

7. You are angry

sitting arms folded

If you sit folding your arms then your nature is that you get angry very soon. And this posture also indicates to another person that you are trying to be extra smart.

8. You are open-minded

sitting on the floor

People who sit in this position are very open-minded. You receive the ideas and opinions of others and you are also aware of your own cultural values. People love your ideas and want to stay with you.

9. You are arrogant

sitting mansplaining

People who sit with legs wide open shows arrogant nature and it also states that you are in the mood for sex. So, when you sit in front of any lady then do not sit like this as it will not be appreciated by any woman.

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