How Smokers React When People Cough In Front Of Them

smoking people cough

Smoking is not about showing how cool you look while doing it. It is a matter of personal choice, but endangering the health of everyone who comes into contact with that smoke is a strange way to make personal choices. Even after knowing that smoking is hazardous to health and it shortens the life span, doing it makes it nonsensical.

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The efforts to know the reasons behind jeopardizing health are futile because the reasons smokers give for smoking do not make sense. Taking responsibility for our own actions leads us to better places. This bad habit can be replaced with a good habit which will keep health intact.

This video is about finding out how smokers react when they find out that others are suffering due to their smoking. A third smoker is the one who does not smoke a cigarette directly but inhales the smoke when others release it. It is hazardous as well.

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So, smoking does endanger the health of the surrounding people. In this video, a girl asks for an address to smokers and then acts like she is suffering and coughing due to smoke. But, none of the smokers seem to care. They ask her to go away when she asks them to throw away a cigarette. Let’s hope these smokers know what they will be losing due to this bad habit. Watch this video to know the surprising reactions of smokers.

What would you do if you were smoking and some cough right in front of you?