The Societal Mindset And Perils Of Women Security In Nepal

It was cold morning today. As always, I was making ready my daughter for school. She was happy to go to school and had a positive mindset. Like every day she bid goodbye to her grandmother and grandfather. But strangely when the school van arrived she refused to go to school and started crying. I was shocked to see her behavior because she was a cheerful baby always ready to go to school. But today she refused. I had no idea what to do but anyhow I sent her school with heavy heart seeing her crying and calling me. I started thinking about the reason behind her refusal.

Her behavior left me the worried whole morning. I couldn’t eat anything thinking about my daughter. Negative thoughts were roaming around my mind. I decided to talk with her principal and I was relieved after seeing her playing happily in her school. I took a deep breath.

Being mother it is common to worry about children and especially when she has just started going out from your Vision. While thinking about her I came across to the news regarding domestic violence. My mind started to worry again for my daughter’s safety and a question aroused in my mind. I kept asking the question myself

Are children safe in our country?

With the increasing numbers of crime, how can someone be safe? Especially girls.

Girls are always insecure either in the home or in work outside the home. They have to face crime like domestic violence, rape, harassment in public places etc. Recently the news of rape and murder of 13-year-old girl Nirmala has not solved another news shocked me. The abduction and murder of a 9-month-old baby girl in Mahottari District. It is very shameful that women who are regarded as a goddess are victims of those incidents. And it is more shameful that the society also judges them and decides them as the culprit. And the actual culprit remains innocent.

Hearing that news and the real face of society I could not stop worrying about my daughter and think how insecure women are. I felt devastated by seeing human turn into inhuman and selfish. I was more disturbed when I heard the news about police hiding the culprits of Nirmala rape case. It is really unacceptable that the culprit who should be under the bar was under the protection of the police.

Questions aroused in my mind, ‘why’ and the answer was political interference.