Sri Reddy Bares Another Shocker, Alleges Rana Daggubati’s Brother Sexually Exploited Her

Telugu actress Sri Reddy is on a no-holds-barred spree right now. Her naked protest against the casting couch in Tollywood and her denial of membership into the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) was only a tip of the iceberg. The aspiring actress has a lot more shock-inducing antics up her sleeve. 


Sri Reddy’s social media accounts have been flooded with support for her cause, as she continues to post updates about her situation, such as the fact that she was asked to vacate her house after her protest. She’s now even given interviews on several regional and national news channels, dropping many a truth bombs and a scandalous statement that has taken Tollywood by storm.

A news clip from Sri Reddy’s interview with CNN-News 18 has gone viral, where she alleges that producer Suresh Babu’s son sexually exploited her.

However, she doesn’t reveal any names, but only refers to him as Suresh Babu’s son. The producer has two sons, Baahubali actor Rana Daggubati and Abhiram Daggubati.

“Suresh Babu’s son cheated me so badly. This Suresh Babu’s son took me to the studio and he f***ed me so badly in the studio only.”

However, in another interview with a Telugu news channel, Sri Reddy revealed that it was Abhiram Daggubati who had sexually exploited her in the studio.

“This is Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram and I haven’t revealed his name anywhere so far. Abhiram! Don’t you feel ashamed? You know how you behave in the studio. I have shown proof that I have not revealed on any TV channel. See this photo, which clearly shows him kissing my face. Let all Dalit and women associations come forward, fight and help me get justice.”

Abhiram Daggubati isn’t the only prominent name Sri Reddy has taken so far. The actress has also leaked explicit chats with Indian Idol winner Sreeram Chandra, Viva Harsha and several other industry names who she alleges have demanded sexual favours.

With every revelation she makes, the actress manages to secure more and more supporters to her cause, and becomes a champion of other struggling actors and actresses like her. Wonder what other explosive information will be dropped by #SriReddyLeaks next. The shocked Telugu film industry and the nation can only wait and watch.