10 Strangest International Borders You Won’t Believe Exists

The world is full of strange places. However, when you talk about borders, they should be strong enough to protect the countries’ people. But, a few of the peculiar boundaries worldwide raise our concerns regarding the security element. Nevertheless, these strangest borders, present worldwide, are a part of unique culture and traditional values.

The surroundings of these borders are also too magical that you would not be able to look away even for a while. A few countries are so close that you only have to jump to land in the neighboring country.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at 10 of the world’s strangest borders.

Here we begin!

Jungholz – Austria and Germany

You have got two ways to reach from Lech valley to Jungholz Valley in the Austrian Tyrol. First, you can put on the hiking boots and climb up and over Mount Sorgschrofen (5,364ft). At the same time, the other way is to drive around via Germany.

While you would be choosing to climb, it will be challenging to stay away from the border as there is a “quadripoint,” which comes to a pinch point, painted on a rock.

Jungholz Valley is a lush green valley full of agriculture on the swing. However, its herniated topography hinders the German banking regulations. Thus, private banks have registered offices over here.

Hotel Arbez – Switzerland and France

If you know about border-hugging Geneva airport, you would know about the airport’s different exits, depending on which place you want to go, either France or Switzerland!

The hotel at 5 miles to the north of that airport is known for border-squatting very specifically. It sits right at the top, which means that the dining room, kitchen, and other areas are nicely bisected.

In 1862, a businessman came up with a treaty that suggested modifying the border and converting the building into a straddle for a new route. The treaty was ratified.

So, if you are present over here, your one leg would be in one country, and your head will be in another country. So, don’t forget to check out Hotel Arbez. How interesting!

Llivia – Spain and France

After the war of nearly 30 years, 1659’s Treaty of the Pyrenees ceded sections of northern Spain to France. However, Llivia defended its ground by saying that Llivia is a town and the treaty only applies to the villages.

It kept its Spanish allegiance while being surrounded by France. But, if you talk about today, the five-square-mile, 1,700-strong municipality is very much a vital and official part of the Catalan province of Girona, which two miles of neutral road Puigcerda connect.

Llivia is a beautiful hillside farming spot that sits adjacent to the Little Yellow Train. This historic meter-gauge electric railway station rises to a height of 3,300ft above France.

The Netherlands and Belgium

The Netherlands/Belgium border is located at the municipalities of Barrle-Nassau and Barrle-Hertog. The complexities of the boundaries must be taken into account while discussing them. The Dutch side consists of 22 Belgian exclaves. These exclaves belong to Belgium. But, they have found their place on the Dutch side.

Apart from that, there are three other pieces of land that belong to the Belgian that span the border of both countries. In addition, there are six other Dutch exclaves located within the Belgian exclave. You would forget the count of exclaves that are built within the exclaves of other countries.

The borders are so large that shops and houses of both countries are split between the borders. It is similar to having slept in one room and having breakfast in the other.

The Northwest Angle – Canada and USA

The cartographic cock-up was responsible for creating a bulge of Minnesota on the shore of the lake, making the woods stranded while displacing the headwater of Mississippi. So, you can only reach Canada through this point. Otherwise, you would have to fly.

It is a forested part of America and stays north of the 49th parallel, apart from Alaska. Plus, its population is about 100, out of which mostly are First Nations.

So, the kids have to hustle to reach their schools because it is a 3-hour round trip that means going through the border four times a day. Thus, kids have to go through it daily, covering a considerable distance and crossing the borders!

The DMZ – North and South Korea

The demilitarized zone of Korea is one of the most dangerous borders at the moment. There is a dividing line of the Korean Peninsula which is approximately 155 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. It got established in 1953 after an unpleasant ideological war. The peninsula is full of weaponry.

Joint Security Area at Panmunjom is present at the center. It is a no man’s land where officials come for negotiations and talk. But, regularly, there happen incidents that could nearly wage another war. So, if you plan to visit this place, be prepared!

Lake Constance – Austria, Switzerland, and Germany

Germany is the lingua franca that is located around the third-largest lake in Central Europe. However, all three nations are vehement in this regard when it comes to water controls and jurisdiction. The borders of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany all three countries agree on precision at the lakeshore. But, they become vicious as the question arises regarding water.

As yet, there has been no treaty regarding the dissection of the lake. Thus, several other issues, such as fishing or boat licensing, are settled through individual agreements. The beautiful place is a hub for those who love water sports.

Plus, the island of Reichenau, which UNESCO registers, is charming and calls us to witness its beauty. Apart from that, the German shore is highly renowned for being home to several spa resorts.

Kaliningrad – Russia and Poland

The artifact of Russian imperialism looms rather threateningly on the far side of the Bay of Gdansk. Kaliningrad remains after Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia; all are declared independent from the Soviet Union. So, these are isolated from the motherland.

During the early 20th Century, it was Germany’s Königsberg. However, it was later renamed. Plus, it was forcibly repopulated after World War 2. As a result, the place is now equipped with heavy military installations.

Kaliningrad is known for its beauty element. There is so much history instilled into the place that it is pretty intriguing. So, you can visit it for all the right reasons!

Penon de Velez de la Gomera – Morocco and Spain

If you are looking for the shortest border in the world, here you go! This is the shortest border in the world as a whole. Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera is owned by Spain. It is a rock-fortress that is situated on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco.

The place was a beautiful and mesmerizing island in 1934. Then, however, a harsh storm hit it. After it, the island was converted into a peninsula as the gap was filled with abundant sand. It is held apart from the mainland by a 90-yard international border.

All over the fortress, you could see several Spanish soldiers and helicopters looming on the top from which these soldiers could land. The border is marked through a piece of string across the beach.

This is only a single out of many properties that Spain owns. It is located off the shore of Morocco. It puts their attitude towards Gibraltar into perspective. It is a 12-mile ride that you need to complete. So, you have to be ready with boosting immunity to reach the place. Nonetheless, your efforts would not turn into waste!

Diomede Islands – Russia and USA

The sport where the American eagle hugs the Russian bear is none other than Bering Straits. The two islands are located in Bering Straits and are mighty close to each other.

The border and the international dateline are known for dividing the world’s time zones between Big Diomede (Russia) and Little Diomede (Alaska). Both the places are separated by just 3 miles of water.

However, out of these 2, the Big part is uninhabited. No one lives here. Nonetheless, the Small part is populated with First Nation Community mostly.

Are you looking to visit here? Well, it could be tricky as there are no airports or ports in this area. Also, the weather is quite unpredictable. Nevertheless, Pathfinder Aviation is known for flying once a month. So, it is going to be your best bet!

So, here we have come to the end of our list that showed you ten of the strangest borders worldwide. These borders have respective elements that make them strange. So, if you ever get the chance to visit these borders, make sure to enjoy it to the fullest.