December 5, 2020

25 Tips To Make Your ‘Home Sweet Home’ More Stylish And Beautiful

We all want to make our home look like a 7-star hotel. Sometimes, we do several changes in our home like moving furniture, buying new items, throwing old items.

But actually, no need to worry about it. We have some useful tricks by which you can give your home a stylish look. Apply these tips and make your home even more stylish and beautiful.

We collected brilliant design ideas that will inspire you to decorate your home for which you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Mirrors give the illusion of space, See the difference!

© The Lettered Cottage

Use of mirrors on closet doors to refresh the interior and visually expand a small room. Click here to watch the process.

2. A small mirror can become cute decoration

© diys

If you have an old plastic frame mirror you can make it more beautiful using rope and glue. Check out the instructions here.

3. Jar organizer on the wall

© thediyplaybook

The use of a jar organizer will save space in your bathroom as well as make your bathroom beautiful.

4. Make a lampshade a piece of art

© the3rsblog

Change your old lampshade with a new and stylish one. Here are instructions for making origami.

5. A colorful print on curtains

© athoughtfulplaceblog

Do a colorful print to your plain curtains to renew the interior. Click here for more details.

6. Hang curtains closer to the ceiling so that it can create the illusion of large windows

© skonahem

Hang curtains as close to the ceiling as possible to make windows look bigger.

7. To look bathroom more spacious use long shower curtain makes

© hgtv

Just hang a long shower curtain close to the ceiling and see the difference.

8. Use an unusual rod for curtains

© hgtv

It will give a totally different look to your home. Check out more interesting ideas for decorating windows here.

9. Creative ties will make curtains look attractive

© hgtv

Lovely and unusual ties like these will be the highlight of the interior. To check out other ways to decorate curtains, click here and here.

10. New And Unique handle will refresh your cupboards

© tealandlime © lizmarieblog © reisfelt © bromeliadliving

Don’t buy new furniture always to refresh the interior. Sometimes, new small things can do the drastic change in the room.

11. Create a colorful frame for the TV

© decoratingyoursmallspace

Visit here to see more ideas.

12. Try to hide annoying wires

© freshcrush

For instructions with photos here.

13. Make cables part of the decoration

© hgtv

Sometimes without hiding wires and cables, you can also use the cables in different ways to make them look more attractive. More example.

14. Create a stylish headboard

© classyclutter

You can check out how to make a plywood headboard here.

15. Easily build a bed canopy using curtain rods

© Caleb Anderson Design

You can build a bed canopy with curtain rods and let your childhood dream come true! Check out the bed made by a designer from New York.

16. Use drawers to increase storage space


Drawers will help you increase space for storing many things and keep your home organized. You can get more details and watch the instructions here.

17. Paint linoleum to upgrade the floor

© designertrapped

Get the detailed instructions here.

18. Dark colors make a ceiling look higher

© HouseBeautiful

Check out more photos of this bright and colorful house.

19. A framed mirror looks more luxurious

© southernhospitalityblog

A beautiful framed mirror always gives a finished appearance to your bathroom. Check out how to make it here.

20. Cover outlets and switches with colorful cases

© washitapecrafts © apieceofrainbow

You can cover electrical outlets and switches into the interior design by decorating them with scrapbook paper, and other small items. Check out simple but brilliant design ideas like these above here and here.

21. Gold accents will add a bit of luxury to the interior

© The Decorista

To learn how to use gold in the home, check out this blog.

22. An accent wall is always a great design idea

© Michael Higginson / Shutterstock

To turn the interior into a fresh and modern look, paint it with a bright color or decorate it.

23. Play with colors to get the illusion of a high ceiling


If you don’t paint the walls up to the top, it will create the illusion of a high ceiling. You can use one of these interiors as an example.

24. Hide a bed behind curtains

© greenbox

Check out other photos of this design project here.

25. Use a radiator as an accent

© remontbp

Which of these design ideas will suit your home?

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