Swara And Taapsee Have Good Advice On Cleavage For You!

swara bhaskar taapsee pannu cleavage

If you are a woman, you must get whack or poor suggestions on what type of clothes you should wear.  And also it defines your character based on your neckline. Ever since the invention of the bra, cleavage has been a controversial topic, for better or worse.

But now, here is something that nobody ever told you – how to manage your cleavage! Swara Bhaskar and Taapsee Pannu have made a good effort to clear all the doubts in a short video.

Do they try to explain how much cleavage is good cleavage anyways?

If you want to be avoid being judged by men or fellow women, here are some awesome rules to follow:


How much cleavage is good cleavage?