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Swedish Fitness Beauty Trains With Swimsuit Model Riding on Her Back

Swedish model and fitness enthusiast Katarina Konow take her training regimen to a whole new level with the help of her sister. The Swedish beauty, known both for her stunning looks and rather unique training methods, continues to impress.

Last month she attracted considerable attention when she uploaded a video showing her doing squats on Miami Beach while carrying an 82 kg guy on her back.

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Now she has decided to up the ante, in more ways than one. This time she does squats while her sister Cassandra Scott, also a model, sits on her shoulders the whole time. So why would Konow do something like that? “Because I can,” the beauty queen playfully replied in the comments section of her YouTube video.

Can you train like this?

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Swedish Fitness Beauty Trains With Swimsuit Model Riding on Her Back

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