Sweet Kitten Tries To Apologize To His Owner In The Most Adorable Way

Some animals know when they’ve done something wrong, especially our pets like cats and dogs. While dogs are often ashamed and really sorry for being naughty, cats are rarely sorry for their actions. So, it’s pretty cute and special when a cat tries to apologize to someone.

Although our feline friends are known for being indifferent and uncaring animals, they sometimes seem to be the most well mannered animals in the world. They don’t like to apologize, so when a cat makes an attempt to apologize, it’s best to quickly accept it and move on.

Below is a cute video of a cat trying to apologize his human. Take a look at the adorable cat and see if you would be able to resist this little cat’s cuteness. Aside from his charming face, his sweet attitude will melt your heart. We are sure that nobody can ignore his apology.