November 28, 2020

5 Taboo Subjects That Has Strong Presence In Nepali Society Even Today

Taboos have crippled our nation and society, they are contagious because we are too sluggish to follow the configuration and make others follow it too.

Taboos are irrational beliefs that are holding Nepal back. There is no scientific reasoning behind it, rather they are purely superstitious. Over the decades, people have been revising the traditional narratives, passing down thoughtless culture to the next generation without any logical patronage.

Here are some of the taboo subjects that are strongly present even today:

1. Sex

Nepalese are shy when the topics of sex come in public. Even while watching TV together with your family, if there pops a kissing scene, the awkward situation that arises is peculiar. The lack of sex education in school or in the family is present. People have reached the moon, but in Nepal, there is a shyness about breaking the untold norms and shut talks about sex. I would request you to break all the shackles and bring about transformation with the right approach.

2. Menstruation

Amidst the change of perception towards women and menstruation, we still have many parts of Nepal, where you can find bizarre customs and beliefs towards menstruation. Research discloses that more than 90% of city (literate) women don’t bathe their hair when they are menstruating, a portion of women won’t visit temples, and a large number of women won’t even go out of the home.

And even purchasing of sanitary napkins is secretive, if they are something unlawful that should be hidden inside opaque polythene. Let’s break the taboo, express what you feel in your social circles, spread more logical consciousness, a voice at workshops, and let other women hear you, let’s together make an affirmative amendment.

3. “Samaj le k bhanla” / “What Will People Say”

Our family wants us to stand out in a crowd, ironically, if you think anything different, you will be asked to follow the crowd. The double standard of Nepalese society is miserable. If your son/daughter wants to think outside the box, what’s the harm? Shouldn’t you be supporting your children’s efforts rather than creating unnecessary obstacles? We should break this ‘samaj le k bhanla’ stigma in order to progress.

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4. Divorce

You can slaughter each other if your matrimony is dysfunctional but dare you to discourse about divorce. It would be despicable on the societal status of the family. There are many cases in Nepal where the husband and wife are physically separated but do not want to file for divorce legally. The sole reason being it will bring disgrace to their immediate families. Therefore, no matter how dissatisfied you are with your life, divorce is completely out of question.

5. Inter Caste Marriage

Marrying someone from a different social caste system is forbidden. Although there are no written laws, even on the much-hyped recent constitution, inter-caste marriage is barred with egotism. The essence of marriage loses its recognition in between this tussle for same-caste marriage. Nepal would become a better place if this structure of inter-caste marriage would get eliminated.

Let us all Nepalese pledge together, not to be shy, to speak aloud these taboo topics, spread awareness through whichever medium we can. Let us make it a better country, a progressive country, an exemplary country. Live and let fellow Nepalese live.

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