‘Taking The Leap’ Leads You To Find ‘Special’ In You!

taking the leap born free

It is how you respond to the constant criticism of ‘well-wishers’, it is also how you choose to cope with the falls, but most importantly, it is about how you brush the dirt and take that ‘leap’ of faith and conviction. Because, believe me, it talks to you; when you are bogged down with your 9-to-5 job when you’re written off as ‘not good enough when you’re forced to ‘excel on excel sheets’, it speaks to you. You just have to follow your gut and grab the moment!

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And that is exactly what this short film, ‘Born Free’ is trying to tell us. Packed with a plot that will resonate with all, the film is the story of ‘Samarth’ who takes a trip to Goa, and his life changes forever, for he meets ‘Vanya’. Yes, our favorites, Sumeet Vyas and Mukti Mohan are playing the parts, but the story is not of the characters alone.

The story is about you, me, and countless people like us who have muffled the voice of their conviction and substituted it with that of society. It is about fellas who have morphed their identities to ‘fit in’ and souls who have lost their selves to ‘acceptable norms.’

But as the film says, it’s never too late. So, find your anchor (sometimes all you need is a patient hearing from ONE), sail your boat on the high tides, and seize the day. Be the man/woman of your dreams and let nobody tell you otherwise. After all, ‘you are what you dream.’

What would it take to find your special leap?