Dong Lei Has The Longest Legs For A Chinese Girl At 45 Inches Tall

longest legs dong fei

Dong Lei’s incredible pins measure 45 inches long – the equivalent to the height of an average seven-year-old girl in China.

A lot of girls dream about having long, lean legs, but we’ll never have legs quite like one Chinese model. Dong Lei is a Chinese model who has been receiving a lot of attention for her seemingly unreal proportions.

Dong Lei, who is 20 years old, stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall, but the intriguing part of the story is that her legs alone measure 3 feet 9 inches long. The average height of women in China is about 5 foot 2 inches, so you imagined how Lei must stand out in a crowd.

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When the leggy beauty was 16 years old, she was already 5 ft 9in and her mother sent her to etiquette classes because she was worried about her posture. Ms. Dong said that she gets her height from her 6ft 1in father and 5ft 7in mother. The beauty originally went to school to become a teacher, but upon graduation, Lei decided to leave the chalkboards behind and give modeling a shot instead.

Ms. Dong recently entered the popular television program ‘Supermodel’, impressing judges with her amazing figure. She said: ‘I find it incredible that I have suddenly become an internet celebrity!’ She entered a Beijing modeling competition and shortly after, was signed to an agent.

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Have you longer legs than hers?