‘Tara Antim Palta’ Lyrically Harasses His Ex-Love Interest

tara antim palta bhetna aau

The ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19 has provided ample time to critically revisit popular music. Riding on the same tide, I came across a well-received Nepali song, ‘Tara Antim Palta’ by Damber Nepali.

This particular song is very strange, to say the least. The male-lead is pursuant to his lover who is on the verge of marrying someone else. Let’s break down some of his attempts at lyrically distressing his ex-love interest.

“Mero Jiwan Bata Jane Bhaye Jau
Mero Jiwan Bata Jane Bhaye Jau
Tara Antim Palta Bhetna Aau”

He is pleading with her to come to visit him once. The big question remains, why? Why would anyone who has chosen to not have any relationship with you be willing to meet you?

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“Siudo Timro Arukai Hata Bata Rangau
Tara Antim Palta Bhetna Aau”

He accepts the fact that the girl will be associating herself with another man, but the singer still wants her to meet him. Life is not scripted as in Bollywood films where love prevails at the end.

Bachchhu Timrai Lagi Bhanthiyau Mare Timrai Lagi Marchhu
Yadi Timilai Paina Bhane Ma Ta Je Pani Garchhu

Now, this is an aggravation to torture. She might have shown her love, but things have changed. All those promises don’t matter as she has moved on. Why do you keep on pushing her?

“Mari Jau Timro Kasama Chhaddina Timilai”

Isn’t this punishable? He is not backing down from staying away from her. He is constantly threatening to keep on bothering her till he dies. This is not a healthy way to show your love. Is it? Watch the full video and judge the scenarios.

What do you think of the song?