Teacher Loses Her Job After Her Twerking Video Goes Viral With Parents


A 24-year-old teacher loses her job she claimed that she was forced out of her job after a video of her twerking during a dance competition in Cabo San Lucas went viral. Miss Clarissa says that her former employers at the Cumbre del Noroeste Institute in Ciudad Obregon were asked by parents to fire the teacher.

Good news, her twerking was worthy enough for her to win the dance competition at come up with the $260 prize even though that is a lot less than she would have made at school but at least something is better than nothing.

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“The situation got out of control and even before I got back from holiday it was becoming a problem on social media,” Miss Clarissa told local newspapers. “Someone identified me as a teacher as the video reached more and more people and immediately related it to my work and published photos of me with my pupils.”

She knew that she was being recorded but she couldn’t imagine that the video would go viral. “I knew there were mobile phones but I never imagined this would go viral and anyway, I’m not doing anything bad,” Miss Clarissa said. “It’s not something to be afraid of, I’m not naked, I’m not having sex or taking drugs or disrespecting anyone.”

According to Reforma, Carla’s friend and family aren’t going down with this. Her supporters are currently collecting signatures calling for her reinstatement. As they should: even elementary school teachers are allowed to have fun in their private lives without facing public shaming.

Miss Clarissa further said, “It was a dance competition, something like this doesn’t define me as a person,” Miss Clarissa told the local press. She added that her employers should “get with the 21st century.”

The girl should be allowed to let loose, she “puts in work” with a bunch of five-year-olds all day!

Of course, she could always consider a career change.