Temple Carved From Single Rock Should Be The ‘8th Wonder Of The World’

There is so much to see on this planet and every single day we are surprised by new and magnificent wonders of the world. Recently, one Internet user that goes by the name BassBall55 shared incredible images of an 8th-century temple called Kailasa, saying that it should be considered as a Wonder of the World.

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The temple was dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva and was carved out of a single rock. Yes, you read that right, a single huge rock. Kailasa is a temple that was carved back in the 8th century and was dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva. 

What shocks tourists the most is that the entire temple was carved into the mountainside out of a single rock.

This magnificent architecture proves that more than 1300 years ago people were far more advanced than you may have thought.

According to archeologists, this amount of carving should’ve taken centuries of human labor to finish, but it is believed that the temple was built in less than 18 years.

Also, the entire temple is one of the biggest structures in the world, similar in size to the Taj Mahal.