Bitter Realities About Life That Will Surely Make You Laugh Out Loud

I still remember the days without the internet. People carried out their routines without any glitches. People were happy, people were living their lives. With the outburst of technological inventions, especially that of the internet, the world has changed.

For better or for the worst, you are the judge. Even without GPS, people could find direction, even without Skype, people could communicate with each other.


Were you really laughing out loud while typing LOL?


Do you even this person who just wrote “Happy Birthday” on your wall?


The time span of ‘never’ has really shortened.


Your childhood aspiration gets shattered. You either for the money or satisfaction.


And you thought they are your go-to guides.


The digital media has shifted its priorities.


The most accurate advice ever.


The harshest reality about life is that it does not have CTRL + Z to undo your past experience. Live free. Live well.

Source: Truth Facts