These Unfortunate Shots Of Athletes Caught Mid-Action Are Hilarious

As a regular spectator of many sports championships, I can concur to the fact that behind all those beautiful shots and magazine-posed brotherhood scenes, there are some pretty bizarre circumstances that our favorite players fall in on a regular basis.

From a dive landing on someone’s leg to being thrown out of your ice rink, we have witnessed some unfortunate things happening with the players.

And, what’s best is when someone actually captures it. Yes, sports photographers get credited for capturing some of the most unimaginable shots while being at their job.

We took it upon ourselves to collect some of them for you. So grab a bowl of popcorn and scroll on!

Graceful dancers giving the worst reaction possible

Italian figure skater in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The athlete was caught in the middle of an effortless throw as she effortlessly manages to land on the ground.

Playing in a field, and I boop!

Kudos to this amazing photographer to capture the perfect moment when the baseball hits the player, as it escaped his glove. That will certainly lead to a broken nose or a bruised lip.

Well, this is embarrassing!

Caught in a mishap. These footballers weren’t spared by the unforgiving camera lenses. Captured here are Carlos Tevez and Rio Ferdinand.

Seeing eye to eye with your nemesis

No this is called dedication. The photographer captures the perfect moment when a tennis player stares into the eyes of the ball. Will he be able to return the throw, or will the ball break his glasses?

May I have this dance?

Ever seen a dance so romantic, chemistry so enticing? These wrestlers were captured in the middle of a routine, and they appear to be waltzing, arm to arm. May the best of the two, win!

This is like a Renaissance, reincarnated

Here the photographer captures the perfect shot of the spectator stand, as the ball hits them in a wave. Oftentimes, what hits the spectators is a ball, but, here it is a bat. Captured at the 2011 national championship game, this can surely go into the hall of fame of perfectly timed photos.

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An ungraceful landing of a magnificent triple jump

A sport as graceful as figure skating can often become violent and dangerous. And that just became the case for this skilled skater. While pursuing an ambitious stunt, the performer was bolted straight out of the ice rink.

Ballet up to basket that shot

New York Knicks player, J.R. Smith is captured in a beautiful shot, as he dives in to basket a ball. This graceful shot was the cover of the NBA for a year, and we really can’t complain about it.

Football, or face-ball?

In this shot: Man United’s Marouane Fellaini takes a face-smashing ball. This perfect shot was captured by AP photographer Boris Grozdanoski, and he certainly nailed it.

Moments before the worst headache of her life

Thought you have seen the best photobomb of your life? Well, wait till you see this. ESPN anchor was taking a selfie when a ball came swinging at her, which she perfectly captured. Hate the headache, love the shot.

When did gymnastics become so creepy?

As a big fan of the gymnastics, this shot really creeped me out. The flexibility of gymnasts can win them amazing medals, but they can also result in some really weird shots. One of them happens to be this one.

The player shows a helicopter arm

A player is captured as he is perfecting his external rotation cuff. This shot is definitely one for the books. He looks like his arm is being swung in a full 360 motion.

A fine day to check out my reflection in the water

This sheer perfection is not through a professional sport, but a man on his vacations, just blowing some steam off. He looks perfect and carefree and we are sure he was able to stand tall after this epic facedown with the sea.

An unfortunate landing to a perfect jump

Professional skaters captured after an unfortunate landing, as they are unable to maintain their pose after the fall. Remember, ice skating may look easy, but one wrong step, and you may have a fracture on your hand.

Anything is possible for this supermom

Supermom makes catching a fast-paced ball with her gloves look like a cakewalk. How proud would be the kid, as he will look back at this photo years from now, where his supermom jumps up to become the star of the day.

Whoops! That is no way to nail a run-up

Baseball player suffers a major blow as the bat breaks into half and hits his face. Unclear whether it was done by the pressure of the ball, or the bat was weak in itself.

Free falling could not become scarier

This talented rhythmic gymnast is captured perfectly, as it appears that she has lost her balance while in reality, she is in the middle of a perfectly synchronized routine.

Gymnast makes the most perfect face as she is captured mid-jump

Sports can be really funny too. Here, the photographer captures the perfect shot of gymnast jumping with all the strength and not sure of her landing. Her giving-it-all face makes up for the best shot ever.

An athlete, in his calm and composed zone

Photographer captures an athlete mid-throw as he prepares his body to throw the weight. It is often hard to capture an athlete’s face gracefully as they are doing their job.

And lastly, this epic shot of two women, creating this amazing optical illusion

The optical illusion of these two women makes it look like there’s actually one woman, with a really long body – when in fact, there’s two of them. Perfect shot!