September 19, 2020

12 Things That Happens Only In Nepal And We Think It’s Completely Normal

Nepal is home to some of the highest peaks in the world. The country, being small in land area, compensates it with pristine beauty. Mother Nature has truly blessed this Himalayan nation with some of the breathtaking landscapes you can not find anywhere in the world.

Despite all the natural beauty, Nepal is peculiar in terms of its culture and lifestyle. You have to see it to believe it. One can witness some of the strangest social etiquettes that have no rationale to it whatsoever. And we are not just talking about the Kathmandu Valley, these things are prevalent all over the country.

What is even strange is that Nepali don’t think these actions as bizarre. Withstanding all the difficulties, Nepalese boasts the courage to face life with a laid back and happy-go-lucky attitude. We live in a world of our own, and these things attest to it rightly:

1. Crowding up Everest

things happens in nepal

Because the road traffic is too conventional. That’s why even the highest mountain peak in the world, Mt. Everest has too much foot traffic.

2. Two-wheelers are a family car

things happens in nepal

Two-wheelers double up as four-seater vehicles. Truly ingenious!

3. Home delivering people

things happens in nepal

If you drink, you can’t drive. If you drive, you can’t drink. Without drinks parties become boring. Here is the solution, the party palace will home deliver you!

4. Nature-oriented curriculum

things happens in nepal

Taking into consideration the amount to natural beauty it possesses, even the education system sometimes integrates nature into its curriculum, literally.

5. Viral Sensation Niroula

things happens in nepal

Nepal has got its own viral sensation in the form of Bhim Niroula. Who made headlines across the globe with his hit singles such as ‘Sunday Morning Love You,’ and ‘Dancing All Night.’

6. Bikini-less Pageants

things happens in nepal

Most countries hold beauty pageants with a dedicated full-bikini segment. But bikini-less pageants are the norms in Nepal, that abides by the culture. Although there are been some changes in recent times to include bikini rounds in pageant shows.

7. Head Wobble

things happens in nepal

Nepalese have the habit of shaking their head for both ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ You would need to understand the context of the head wobble. It confuses any foreigners visiting the country. After all, it requires tons of practice!

8. Cows and Cars

things happens in nepal

Cows and cars share the same street in perfect harmony.

9. Non-existential zebra crossings

things happens in nepal

You cross the road from anywhere you prefer. Zebra crossings are somewhat non-existential in most parts of the country. You raise your hand and demand the cars to be stopped in front of you. Although zebra crossings are popping up in city areas, they aren’t simply enough for a safer road crossing.

10. KFC stands for Kwality Food Cafe, not Kentucky Fried Chicken.

things happens in nepal

KFC stands for Kwality Food Cafe, not Kentucky Fried Chicken. And these places are everywhere. All of the Nepali KFC serve the same food and almost has a similar setup.

11. Elephant Polo

things happens in nepal

Regular Poli isn’t much fun. That’s why there is an Elephant Polo tournament in Nepal.

12. Super riders

things happens in nepal

The country is filled with potholes, from cities to villages. And it rains it turns riders into super riders.

Nepal may be a developing country but the people are kind-hearted and live life to the fullest. What other weird things are present in Nepal? Share with us in the comment section.

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