Jen Selter Known As ‘Belfie Girl’ Gives You Inspiration To Hit The Gym

If you lacking the stimulus to use your gym membership to full effect while blaming it on being weary, then we have the perfect motivation for your getting back to the gym.

Jen Selter, a 22-year old internet sensation has over 9 million Instagram followers and 25 million combined followers on her social media profiles. Her followers include some of the prominent names in pop culture, such as Rihanna and Terrell Owens.

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She is famous for coining the term ‘belfie’ which basically means selfie of your behind. Her belfie pics have been making the rounds on the internet ever since. She gained fame when she showed off her squatting skills for the New York Post back in 2014, which she did on a subway railing.

Frequently, she is being compared with Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian for obvious reasons, and she is worth the association. She has featured as a model for popular magazines such as Elle, Maxim, Muscle and Fitness, and Vanity Fair.