This Water Bridge Built By The Ingenius Dutch Breaks The Laws Of Physics

The Dutch and their waterways!

Our world is filled with amazing things and some of the man-made structures are too good to believe that they are real. One such piece of architecture is a man-made water bridge that connects Netherlands mainland with Flevoland, which is an artificial island.

Just take a look at this water bridge known as Veluwemeer Aqueduct and you will fall in love with it.


It was made in 2002 and before making it, many options including an ordinary bridge and underwater tunnel were considered but they were expensive as well as not fulfilling the two conditions, first the ground transport should not be disturbed and the second was that it should not have traffic jams.



At last, the water bridge was constructed and sidewalks were also made on the highway for making it easy for the pedestrians to walk. As per an estimate, more than 28,000 cars pass through this 10-feet deep bridge while boats sail on the water above it.

Via: BrightSide

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