Time Traveler From The Year 2030 Meets Himself From 40 Years In The Future

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A ‘time traveler from the year 2030’ claims he has met himself from 40 years in the future and incredibly, the two people – who claim to be the same person – decided to give an interview together to answer the questions put to them.

The story centers around a man named Noah, who claims to be from the year 2030. Noah was shocked when he was contacted by another man named Noah who claimed to be him but from the year 2070.

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In the strange video, Noah Novak claims some of the information that ‘proves they are the same person is ‘classified’ to make sure the government doesn’t get to him. Although the two people look and sound very dissimilar 40 years is a long time over which to change your appearance, personality, and voice but the height difference is something here to be noticed.

Do you believe his story?