Your Sane Mind Will Have The Most Tricky Time Guessing What Is Inside This Tiny House!

Having grown tired of the run-of-the-mill paying never-ending mortgages, this couple decided to call it quit. With their background in construction, Oregon couple Gabriella and Andrew Morrison spent about four months building this unique mini house on wheels, which they call “hOMe.”

The mobile home cost them only $22,744 ($33,000 with modern-day electrical device), and they could enjoy their lives mortgage-free. The house measures 28 x 8.5 ft (8.5 x 2.6 m) and has 221 sq ft (20.5 sq m) of floor space. Even Though it’s a tiny house, the hOMe incorporates a fully equipped kitchen, a 3/4 bath, and a complete staircase to get up to the bedroom loft.

It is cozy once you have a look at the inside.

Despite the miniature size the couple have made no compromise on comfort, don’t you agree?