What Is It Like To Be A Sikh In A Crowd Of A Billion People?

being a sikh

They are funny, and they aggressive at the same time. They are Sikh. They more you learn about them, the greater the respect you will have for them.

The Sikh community invites all people to bring about mutual understanding and deep respect for all people. Sikhs are nonchalant people with a flamboyant outlook on life. They do things differently; they do them wholeheartedly. They are funny and aggressive at the same time. They are Sikh.

The more you learn about Sikhism, the greater your respect for it. Sikhism recognizes the universal truths that underlie all human endeavors, religions, and belief systems. However, people differ in institutionalizing those beliefs into a code of conduct and a way of life. 

They could be your best friend or your worst enemy. Their tales of heroics are exemplary for anyone to follow. They are one of the most respected ethnicities in India and throughout the world. Sikhs stand out from the masses. They are different; they are poles apart from other cultures. Although Sikhism encourages self-defense, it pointedly teaches not to seek revenge or retribution and teaches observers to be free of hatred. 

Sikhism is a practical religion, and Sikhs are pragmatic people. The emphasis is on leading a worldly, successful life as a householder and a contributing member of society, but with the mind attuned to an awareness of God. Sikhism rejects all distinctions based on caste, creed, gender, color, race, or national origin. 

Sikhism asks a non-Sikh to discover and live the essential message and meaning of their religion so that a Christian can become a better Christian, a Jew a better Jew, a Hindu a better Hindu, and a Sikh become a better Sikh.

This video from BeingIndian points out the exceptional traits of being Sikh, especially what it’s like to be a Sikh in India.

After seeing this video, you will further admire the Sikh people.