Touching Strangers On The Escalator Is The Most Awkward Thing!

touching strangers escalator

Escalators have become part of our modern life. Walking up the stairs has become the second choice for most of us. What will you do if someone touches your hands while you’re on the escalator? Ever imagined if you are walking down the road or in a mall with your better half and suddenly some stranger gently caress your hand, how would you react?

Model Walks Down A Busy Street Wearing Nothing, And Nobody Notices Her

Would you think of following the girl or guy if you were alone just to experience what it ends upon into? Will you fantasize about something beautiful like love, relationship, a quick one night stand, or would it not affect you at all?

Watch this video to know yourself how people react to this funny social experiment of a romantic approach and be alert if anything of this sort ever happens to you.

What would you have done?

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