Trainer Purposedly Gained 70 Lbs And Lost It To Inspire Clients

trainer gained weight lost

While everyone is obsessed about their physical transformation while gymming, a physical trainer from Brooklyn gained weight to lose it again. Adonis Hill, a 38-year-old physical trainer who started his fitness journey in 2009, gained 32 kilos again to inspire his client, Alyssa.

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Talking about Adonis’s early days of fitness, when he was 27, he gained a lot of weight under depression after a failed business, when his friend advised him to start for a jog and he eventually began lifting. He lost 100 pounds, which is not an easy figure to be achieved. Throughout his day, he keeps everything healthy, follows a strict diet plan and bodybuilding routine with two muscle groups a day with 20 minutes of cardio after his lifting session is done.

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His dinner is usually meat with salad, and he gives himself one sweet, protein-packed treat a day: like a Quest Bar or Protein Cookie. On a show called Fit to Fat to Fit, Atonis gained weight again to help his client lose weight. He ate more than 7000 calories each day, including all unhealthy food in his diet, which ultimately started affecting his health as well and he was informed by the doctors that his blood pressure was getting dangerously high.

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After coming back to the gym, it was getting too tough for Adonis to lose weight again as he got addicted to junk food very badly. Changing diet was the toughest part for him. He went on a high-protein, high-fat diet and drastically cut sugar and carbs that he began to lose weight. Adonis and his client both lost weight together, 57 and 58 pounds, respectively and now he is back to his former training ways again.

Is this inspirational enough for you to lose weight?