33 ‘Truck Sahitya’ With Words Of Wisdom And A Hint Of Humor

It is a trend to get trucks painted in red, green, blue, white, and every other color under the Sun. Colors aren’t the most iconic, rather those few lines written on trucks are thought-provoking. Those couple of lines, which are colloquially known as ‘Truck Sahitya’ are catchy, funny, and at times full of wisdom.

The placement of ‘Truck Sahitya’ is usually behind the truck, near the tail light. Some of the standard lines like OK Tata or Horn Please can be found alongside the ‘Truck Sahitya.’ Some of the creativity and innovative ideas that go behind the lines are incredibly unforgettable. It is very entertaining to read those lines while you are on the highways.

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Funny poetry, naughty, heart-touching, inspiration, and literal quotes are some of the common categories you can read on the trucks. These days even other public vehicles are catching up the tradition and taking the sense of humor to the next level.